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"Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe" (Hebrews 12:28).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Urgent Food Need!

     There is a lot of talk these days about the economy - did we really have a "great recession"?  How is the US economy compared with that of European countries?  One thing is for sure - we who meet families every day with dire food shortages, living daily with the probability of homelessness looming over them - we cannot tell you the official magnitude of the recession, but we can tell you that we see hurt and fear.  But we also see hope.  Often, when we reach the time in our intake to pray with a guest, the guest will be such a blessing.  Even in the midst of struggle, there is hope.  "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1)
      "Katia" has such hope.  A mom with many children, she recently visited the center and shared with me her joy that she has been able to settle down; she and her children have been in the same home for a year with no plans to move.  And just as she and her family are finally finding stability, her sister suddenly passed away as the result of a cancer that had not been diagnosed in time.  And yes - she had young children, and "Katia" will be helping to provide for them, too.  She is not losing hope, for her hope is in the Lord and His provision.  He has brought her family through tough times before; He will now, too.
      Families like Katia's depend upon the breakfasts and lunches that are provided at their children's schools to supplement their food resources in order for the children to have adequate nutrition.  In the summer, those meals are not available.  The result - more need for food at food pantries such as Forest Park Ministry Center.  This July, even though we were closed for the Independence Day holiday, the guest traffic and resulting need for food has been the largest yet this year.  And WE NEED FOOD.  If you and your family could spare just a few cans of food - maybe just add a few cans of veggies or soup, or some peanut butter to your grocery list this week - Forest Park Ministry Center could use your help!  We are open on Mondays and on Wednesdays, and those are days that you can see the food pantry in action when you drop by to deliver your donation.  We will be happy to receive food and clothing donations on other days as well - you will want to call 269-5726 to make a drop off appointment.
     Thank you for prayerfully considering assistance in this time of need.
                                                                                        Joyfully serving,
                                                                                        Donna McCullough, Director
                                                                                        Forest Park Ministry Center

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


TOOLS FOR SCHOOL Montgomery Baptist Association                                                                                                                        Summer 2012

We would like to take this time to thank you for your contributions of school supplies and  financial support that were received for Tools for School last year.  So many students benefited from your generosity.  It is that time again!
If you remember, we are alternating elementary and jr/sr high schools.  We still have many requests from teachers of older students.  The list below details items needed this year in order to supply the junior high and high schools.   Please check these lists, as although not as lengthy, some needs are very specific.  Thank you ahead of time for your help in supplying our children with adequate school supplies.
The ministry center is located at 2026 East 4th Street, Montgomery, 36106.  Please bring all donations to the ministry center on either Monday or Wednesday (or another day by appointment) beginning now, and continuing until August 20.  The deadline for donated school supplies is August 20.  All supplies will be delivered to the schools during the week following August 20.  If you cannot purchase school supplies but would like to make a financial donation, please make checks out to: MBA Church and Community Ministries (for: Tools for School) and mail to 20 Interstate Park Drive, Montgomery, AL 36109.
Again, thank you for your prayerful support of those in need in Montgomery. May God bless your walk with Him.

Junior High Supply List

· Clear/mesh book bag
· College rule notebook paper
· Subject dividers
· #2 pencils
· Black, blue & red pens
· Hand-held pencil sharpener
· Colored pencils
· Calculator (scientific)
· Hand sanitizer
· Liquid hand soap
· Student planner
· 1:” binder
· Ream of copy paper

Senior High School
· Clear/mesh bookbag
· College rule notebook paper
· Pocket folders
· #2 pencils
· All colors of  pens
· Hand-held pencil sharpener
· Colored pencils
· Calculator (scientific & regular)
· Wire bound notebooks
· Binders and trappers
· Ream of copy paper

School Uniforms Needed, Too!

· Khaki pants or skirts
· Polo shirts: red, navy, green, black, white, or gray

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


     Do you remember the old children's rhyme: its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring?  Well, praise God, it IS raining tonight, it IS pouring - and many parts of our parched area have seen it.  I cannot think of better weather to snore away - and sleep like a baby while listening to it!  Thank you, God, for refreshment!
     Refreshment comes in many forms.  At the ministry center, it is refreshing to see volunteers welcoming new faces to partner in the work there.  This summer, Charlotte and Jordan have been warmly welcomed by volunteers and guests alike, and they in turn have taken a young woman under their wings who as a new Christian has a strong desire to minister to others in similar circumstances as she has found herself.  It is a beautiful picture of God's growing kingdom to watch these young women sharing Christ's passion for others, transcending barriers of culture, economics, race, and even life stages.
     Recently, a young mother-to-be visited the center and was welcomed and encouraged by E.  When her baby was born, J. visited her and gave her a beautiful layette from the center's Layette Ministry.  When her husband was laid off from his job and the rent was behind, E. sought assistance from her church and Ladies' Prayer Group.  This week, the unemployment and other stresses proved too much for the husband, and he left this dear lady and their baby.  E. was there to pray with and encourage her at a time of crisis in her life, and we have been able to follow up with information about counseling services available through the center.  What a tremendous example of God using many hands, many hearts, to minister to one of His children!
     The counseling services that are now available through Forest Park Ministry Center mark one additional step taken as we seek to help people who need to be directed toward God's purpose and plan for their lives to desire His will and guidance.  In addition, there are many outreach opportunities, including literacy for children and for Mixtec moms, sports for boys at Southlawn Commons, and the M&M's Bible Cafe that continues every Tuesday.  In June, over 140 families were reached through the food pantry which distributed nearly 4,000 pounds of food and around fifty volunteers plugged into the various ministries and outreach opportunities.  Thanks to all who invested self, time, talent, finances, and other goods.  May you each know the assurance of God's love and plan for your life, too.  It is a joy to partner with you to reach our community for Christ.

Ways You Can Partner with Forest Park Ministry Center

* Have a food drive in your church
(get list from Donna)There is a dire shortage!
* Hold a Baby Shower for new moms who come to

the center; we need supplies for 12 layettes by October!
* Be a prayer partner and pray for our guests needs
* Need larger sized mens and womens clothing

must be in very good condition
*Hold a Paper supplies shower for the center

*Need a data entry volunteer once a week
*Need a small desk for the receptionist in the waiting area