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"Therefore, since we receive a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us show gratitude, by which we may offer to God an acceptable service with reverence and awe" (Hebrews 12:28).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank you, MBA Churches and ALL Others!!!

Wow, did God orchestrate a beautiful "symphony" of cooperation, enabling His Spirit to work through volunteers and guests at the first annual Ministry Centers Toy Sale this month! With the guests who shopped the sale and the families who were served afterward, at least 150 families were helped with Christmas gifts for their children. Thank you, everyone, for your enthusiastic support and generous hearts! Here are some great things that happened:

Parents who came to the sale were moved to tears to be able to shop themselves for their children's gifts at prices that were so nominal. All expressed appreciation for the opportunity. Many also were determined to give back to the ministry, so when their total purchase was, say $6.00, but they had budgeted $10, they gave the ten, asking that it be used to bless someone else. Now that is a special bonus - to give others the dignity of giving back. I personally was moved to tears myself over that. And rest assured, the money that was given goes directly back into the benevolence fund for the ministry to assist families.

One mother had been struggling with a job and school, having lost her more stable job due to the economy. She had returned to school with financial aid in order to learn a new skill for a better job. But then she lost her job again, this time due to scheduling conflicts between school, work, and children. So a volunteer prayed with her on Saturday that God, who sees her need already, would show her an opportunity for a job - she was needing one so badly! And the very next day, a job offer came literally to her door, not only a better job than she had before, but working around her school hours and in the field that she is training. What a tangible evidence of God's providence!

Back at the center, one of our volunteers was talking with and praying with a young man about his unemployment. They prayed for God to open a door of opportunity - he wanted to work so badly - and before he left the center, he made a phone call to a business where he had applied; he was told to report the next morning to the job site! Talk about immediate answers to prayer!

It is sheer joy to be able to participate in God's work through Forest Park Ministry Center. Yes, there are days when we weep, and there are days when we rejoice, but always God is sovereign and in control. Here are statistics that may interest you for the year 2009: over 1,500 guests visited the center(representing over 6,180 familiy members), nearly 36% of whom had not visited before. This points to the severity of the economy this past year and how it has touched the lives of those who had not experienced poverty before. During 2009, 36 people were led to Christ during their visit to the ministry center; food for life, not just for the tummy! And over 38,870 pounds of food were distributed in addition to fifty complete Thanksgiving meals and over 200 sack lunches during the summer. In addition, Reading4Character is ongoing in three Montgomery Title I schools, the apartment ministry is on board to begin in 2010 (we still need volunteers!!!!), and ministry to the Mixteco population in Montgomery is growing both at Forest Park Ministry Center and in several MBA churches and other ministries. God is soooo good.

I pray that each one who reads this will experience God's presence, His peace, and His power this Christmas and always.

Love in Him who is able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine,
Donna McCullough, Director
Forest Park Ministry Center

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As the autumn months progress with such a tapestry of color and beauty, I am reminded of how God continues to move through our lives. There is so much to be done - but our God is so BIG He can do all this and more than we can ever imagine or comprehend! So it is with great excitement and anticipation that I await His direction for ministry and join His movement -won't you join us? At Forest Park Ministry Center, we are continuing to share His love and grace to those in need - this past month, we distributed over a ton and a half of food, lot of baby supplies, two hundred gift certificates to shop for clothing, and most of all, ministered to over 130 families with the love of Christ, sharing His good news with them and praying with them! That is always a fulfilling privilege - to sit knee to knee with others in prayer together; I am always reminded of the sacrifice of Jesus that enables us to come into His presence in prayer.

As December approaches we are anticipating a very special opportunity to reach others in Christ's name. We still need volunteers for assisting parents who will be coming to shop for their children's Christmas. We have identified 120 families from the four ministries involved who will be coming to shop. This will be an incredible time to give them the dignity of shopping for their own children's gifts, for sharing Christ with them, and for experiencing the true spirit of Christmas - giving Christ's love. See the posting below for details of how you can be a part. God Bless you all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ministry Centers First Annual Toy Sale

Saturday, December 12, 2009 in Heritage FLC

We are embarking on a new endeavor in our ministry centers. Our first annual Ministry Center Toy Sale is scheduled for Saturday, December 12th. A minimal fee will be charged so that parents from our centers will have the dignity of buying their kids Christmas gifts. The prices will range from 10 cents to 5 dollars for the bigger items. Families who come to our centers will be invited to participate.



1.Monetary donations will be accepted, as well as gifts. Make checks payable to: MBA Church and Community
Ministries Toy Sale, 20 Interstate Park Drive, Montgomery, AL 36109.
2. We will need volunteers the day before the sale to help sort and organize toys.
3. Volunteers will be needed on Saturday to assist our guests as they shop.
4. Baked goods will be served at a “café” for parents who come and shop. Homemade goods would be greatly
5. We need Christmas wrappers. If you are good at wrapping gifts, come and bring some Christmas wrap, bows
and tape to wrap presents for parents.
6. Be a “pray-er” or “sharer” at the Toy Sale with parents.

Call Lisa Rose for more details at 334-271-6794 or email her at

A joint effort of Forest Park Ministry Center, Valley Park Ministry Center, Community of Hope and Shepherd’s Staff Ministry
We will need to receive donations no later than Wednesday, December 9th. Call for instructions on where they will be gathered.

Ministry Centers

Babies(0-12 mo)
Blankets//Crib Sheets
Diapers (all sizes)
Rattles/key rings
Activity Centers
Car Seat Toys
Crib toys

Toddlers(1-3 yrs)
Large trucks
Stuffed animals
Baby dolls (all cultures)
Fisher Price toys
Building blocks
Riding toys
Educational games
Musical Instruments
Kid Christian CD’s
CD Players

Preschoolers(4-5 yrs)
Board games
Educational toys
Lincoln Logs
Stuffed animals
Plastic tool sets
Art Supplies
Musical instruments
Bikes/Tri Cycles
Kid Christian CD’s
CD Players

Grades 1-3
Barbie Dolls (all cultures)
Action Figures
Star Wars Figures
Board Games
Educational Games
Crayons/Coloring books

Grades 4-6
Remote Control Vehicles
Sports Equipment/balls
Sports Jerseys/T-shirts
(AL, AU, Troy, ASU, Biscuits)
CD Boom Box
Christian CD’s
Chapter Books
Board Games
Gift Cards

CD players/I-pods
Christian CD’s
Sports Equipment/Balls
Sports T-shirts/Jerseys
(Pro teams, AL, AU, ASU, Troy)
Squishy Pillows
Bedding for teens
Gift Baskets (lotion etc)
Books/ Bibles for teens
Gift Cards
Personal Items That Are Always Needed
Winter Caps/gloves/scarves
Underwear (new only)
Blankets and bedding
Soap/Bubble Bath/Body Wash

Miscellaneous Items
Batteries of all sizes
Wrapping Paper/Gift bags
Baked goods/Parent Gift bags
Small teas/coffees/Parent Gifts
1. PLEASE make sure to get as much NEW as possible. IF you have used toys with all the parts, we will sell them on a hodge-podge table away from the new items.
2. Please take into consideration that we will have families of ALL cultures participating. Dolls and action figures need to be multi- cultural.

Thank you so much for helping with this project! God is going to bless the families this year because of your generosity. Pray that each toy you buy will be an opportunity to share God’s love with others.


Today I received a call from a potential donor who wanted clarification of how resources given to this ministry are used. After explaining to him the areas of Montgomery where we concentrate ministry and the guidelines that we use to distribute food, clothing, and financial help, he seemed satisfied and even relieved. He wanted assurance that we are being wise stewards of the resources that God provides through donors like himself. I am reminded how important it is to be accountable to the MBA Church and Community Ministries Board, to the MBA itself, and to our sponsoring churches. And I am so grateful for the support that we receive as we carry out Christ's commandment to share His truth in our Judea and Samaria, in our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods in Montgomery.

The birth of some very exciting ministries make "headlines" this month!

1. Planning for the first annual Ministry Centers Christmas Toy Sale is in full swing!! (See the above flier and suggested donation list.) Please prayerfully consider how you, your church, or your group can plug into this incredible opportunity to give a "hand up" instead of a hand out!!!

2. Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade classes in three
Montgomery Title I schools now have readers and / or tutors from Forest Park Ministry Center assisting in their classrooms!

3. Rosa Parks Place, an apartment complex for senior adults in Montgomery, has welcomed volunteers from Forest Park and Valley Park Ministry Centers to host interest groups for the residents, including quilting and board games. What a great way to build relationships!

4. Southlawn Commons, another apartment complex, invited representatives from Forest Park Ministry Center to their "Resident Appreciation Day" on a recent Saturday in September. There, we conducted surveys among the residents to determine what groups and activities they might want to have provided in their community. We look forward to building relationships there, too!

At the center, food assistance continues as strong as ever; the needs are so very great. Here are highlights of the services provided in September:
****4 brand new members of Christ's family!!!!!
****138 families served, for a total of 338 family members, 26% are new guests with first time needs.
****3,220 pounds of food distributed to hungry families
****Praise - we have moved into the newly expanded food pantry area of the

Your prayer support is so direly needed. Thank you for loving Christ and His work through Forest Park Ministry Center.

Monday, September 7, 2009

End of Summer Update - Looking to Fall Opportunities!

Summer 2009 has brought both great blessings and new challenges to the ministry participants and recipients at Forest Park Ministry Center. In August alone, we saw over 170 families, well over 1/3 for the first time. We distributed over two tons of food during the month, but best of all, as we fed them physically, there were many who for the first time learned of the Living Water of Jesus Christ and gave their lives to him. Praise to our Lord! There are some very specific things that I want to make you aware of. These opportunities are here now, and we need your support to see them through! You can support first with your fervent prayer, then with your time, talent, and or resources. Here are the exciting doors of ministry opportunity that God has opened:

1. On December 12, 2009, the MBA Church and Community Ministries (including Forest Park Ministry Center) will host a Christmas Toy Sale specifically for the guests of our centers who demonstrate need for assistance in providing Christmas gifts for their children. This event is important not only because it will make children happy, but even more important, it will reinforce the dignity and desire for responsibility that parents so crave in providing for their children. The toys, donated by churches and their members and by corporate donors, will be sold for extremely small amounts in order to be completely affordable by anyone; what few funds are received will be rolled directly back into the benevolence budget of the centers. You can participate by:
*****Donate toys or funds to purchase toys.
*****Help with set up during the week prior to the event.
*****Be one of the many needed helpers on the 12th - everything from shopping buddies to "cafe bakers and servers" to gift wrap!
*****PRAY for the families involved and for the workers, for prepared hearts and joyful spirits!

2. Summit Properties has requested representatives from Forest Park to come on site at two of their properties to facilitate groups that will enrich the lives of the residents at Rosa Parks Place and at Southlawn Commons. We are currently in the process of administering Needs Assessment Surveys to determine what types of groups are most needed. Become plugged into a brave new branch of ministry through Forest Park Ministry Center!

3. Be a crucial part of the renovation needed at the center in order to more effectively operate. The existing carport is in disrepair and is a safety hazard. Compound that with the dire need for more space for multipurpose use including receiving, sorting, instruction, and storage, and you see why enclosing the carport is a real need. The list at the right enumerates not only the materials needed but also the priority of the needs. Please prayerfully consider your ability to assist in this project by pledging the donation of materials or by refering this list on to those that you know who could assist in this way. God bless you all for your love for Christ and for your faithful support of His work!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


June has been another eye-opening month seeing what incredible needs exist among the citizens of Montgomery. We have had the opportunity to minister to those who have experienced loss of employment, food and belongings due to floods, fire, and theft, and continue to see God working in the hearts and minds of His people. This month, Heritage Baptist Church and Temple Mount Christian Center joined together to sponsor a “Ready to Read” event for families in the Forest Park neighborhood. In spite of inclement weather prior to and following the event, God cleared the skies for a great afternoon of sharing Christ through reading, drama, crafts, and just plain fun. An additional thanks to the youth of Thorington Road Baptist Church who prayerwalked, passed out flyers, and assisted during the event. We look forward to their sponsoring Forest Park’s Backyard Bible Club in July. Here are the June ministry statistics: 140 guests served at the center 338 family members represented 40 new families assisted who had not received assistance before 3,750 pounds of food distributed to families in need Best of all – 8 new sisters and brothers in Christ!!! Plan to join us at McGehee Road Baptist Church on Saturday, July 11, for “Transforming Your Community”. Let’s learn how to more effectively reach into the neighborhoods around Montgomery as Christ’s hands and feet!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ready to Read - June 28, 2009

The first Ready to Read was presented to the neighborhood at Forest Park Ministry Center on Sunday afternoon, June 28, 2009, thanks to the immense efforts of Heritage Baptist Church, Temple Mount Christian Center, and all of the volunteers from both churches and from Thorington Road Baptist Church, too. The skies cleared just in time for it to begin, and the rain began to pour just after it was completed. Now, does God have perfect timing or what? Children and their parents were treated to various readings, fun crafts, many resource materials, and a phenomenal dramatization of "The Tale of Three Trees". What a great way to share Jesus! A very special thank you to Jennifer Foster, children's minister at Heritage; Bruce and Edith McDonald, pastor and evangelist at Temple Mount, Carol Heier, drama director at Heritage; and all of you hard working volunteers. It was a great day, and God is so good. The slide show here shows you just a glimpse of the afternoon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

New Opportunities for Ministry at Forest Park

It's incredible that summer is almost here - can you believe it? It seems just yesterday that I began this marvelous journey of ministry to the precious souls who have such dire needs and seek help through Forest Park Ministry Center. I am so thankful to those prayer warriors and faithful Christians who had the heart and the foresight to establish this ministry center, and to all of you who continually support the ministry in so many ways including prayer support. Listed below you will see how God continues to work as we reach out to Montgomerians in need. I have also listed new opportunities for ministry this summer. Your prayers and your support will be much appreciated; we are leaning on God's provision for resources for these ministries. Update from Forest Park Ministry Center – May 2009 >96 families served, for a total of 251 family members served (a great number, considering that one holiday and one other closing due to family emergency occurred on days which would be service days otherwise). >3 new Christians – it is always such a glorious day when we have new sisters and brothers in Christ! >2,621+ pounds of food distributed to families in need. >We have had the opportunity to assist a precious woman who lost her home and her belongings in the May 7 flash flood. She had several feet of water in her home, and it ruined essentially everything. With the aftermath of the flood and the ongoing economic crisis, I feel that we will see more and more dire needs. This month alone, over 35% of the guests who visited Forest Park Ministry Center for assistance were seeking help for the very first time because of their economic woes. Please pray for all of those who have lost jobs, homes, and their way of life, and for the volunteers at Forest Park as we seek to reach out to these with God’s love and His provision. >Welcome to Jenna Brendle, ministry intern for Forest Park Ministry Center, Valley Park Ministry Center, and Community of Hope! >We look forward to “We Love Montgomery: Ready to Read”, an event cosponsored by Heritage Baptist Church, Temple Mount at Forest Park, and Forest Park Ministry Center, coming Sunday, June 28, at 3:00 in the afternoon; >And – Backyard Bible Club at Forest Park Ministry Center, July 24 – 31; >And – Transforming Your Community Conference, July 11, 2009. Make plans to attend; call the MBA for details.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome, Jenna!

We are so blessed to have Jenna Brendle as an intern / summer missionary at Forest Park Ministry Center this summer! Jenna is a senior at Auburn University, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies, and is serving her internship through MBA Church and Community Ministries. She will assist Forest Park Ministry Center, Valley Park Ministry Center, and Community of Hope during service hours and also the many special events planned for the summer. Jenna is a member of Heritage Baptist Church and most recently completed a semester at the Focus Institute of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, CO. We welcome Jenna and are excited to see what God has in store for her, for the CCM ministries, and for the city of Montgomery this summer!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrating New Life in April

Have you been observing the new growth on trees and plants? It is a tender, pale green, and it reminds me of how precious and tender each new life in Christ is to Him. This month, another sister prayed to receive Christ and has been connected with a church for discipleship. Two others prayed to recommit their lives to Christ and were referred to churches as well. Please pray for the ministry at Forest Park, that we will always be faithful to share the gospel with the lost and hurting as we minister to their dire physical needs. Here are April statistics: 119 families served, for a 2009 YTD total of 489 families. This represents 299 people in these families, for a 2009 YTD total of 1,127. 3,254 pounds of food distributed, for a 2009 YTD total of nearly 6 tons of food. Don't forget that if you plant a garden, you have a unique way to minister by tithing the produce from your garden to the ministry centers. Monday is the day at Forest Park Ministry Center when we will receive fresh produce. A very special and powerful day on April 25: over 20 summer missionaries, all college students who have committed themselves and their summers to serve the Lord all over the world, converged upon Forest Park Ministry Center during their time of training and orientation held here in Montgomery. They canvassed neighborhoods, they prayerwalked, and they prayed specifically for the ministry events that will be happening this summer at the center. Would you pray, too, that these new areas of ministry will bear fruit for the Kingdom?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Produce for People in Poverty

As we reflect on the abundant life that Jesus's death and resurrection has made possible for His children, the passion to reach the lost with His message of hope is kindled and rekindled. If you have not yet seen the YouTube video that is posted on the MBA Church and Community Ministries blog, please do it now! The God of this City, the one and only true God, is as alive and relevant today as ever, and He can enable us to accomplish His work, no matter how daunting the task!

Here's a novel way that you gardeners may want to contribute: have you ever considered tithing your produce? Everyone loves fresh from the garden fruits and vegetables, and we try to offer this as much as possible by purchasing fresh produce from the Food Bank. But it is not always available, and the selection is very limited. Would you consider, as you plant your spring and summer garden, planting an extra row or a couple of extra plants, and tithe it to the Ministry Center? Monday mornings are the best time to bring fresh produce, as that is the first day of the week that we begin distributing food to our guests. Thanks, and may God bless your efforts!

I am posting the March summary of ministry services below. As I have been researching the history of services through Forest Park Ministry Center, the startling reality of how much increased need there is has come to light. In the first 3 1/2 months of 2009, over 430 families received either food and clothing or financial assistance from the center. That is almost as many families as were served in an entire year in 2003. Can you see the dire need? And so many of these are people who have never received services before; they are in deep crisis because of job losses. The Hope of Christ has never been so needed by so many as today! Summary of Ministry at Forest Park for March 2009: > 132 families served, for a total of 302 family members > 4 people prayed to receive Christ and 2 more prayed to recommit their lives to Christ > 3,218 pounds of food were distributed to people in need. > 6 households were assisted with their heating bills. >3 new moms were supplied with layettes and counseled about the importance of a home centered on God’s principles. A praise is that in two cases, the father was present, listened, and prayed with us! >>>Praise the Lord for Missions Mobilizers! Jim and Marilyn Oliver, MSC Missions Mobilizers, have assisted me in visiting two Hispanic families who have moved into the neighborhood near the center. Marilyn and I made the initial visits, and Marilyn’s fluency in Spanish was so helpful as we discovered the families’ needs and shared with them about the ministry center. Later, Jim and Marilyn returned and led two of the men to Christ!

Friday, March 20, 2009

As spring approaches and I see the beauty of God's creation reawakening, it is a powerful reminder of how He moves and reawakens our own spirits, showing us opportunities every day to reach out and share His Hope with those who hurt all around us. The visits that we make in the homes of our guests are some of the most joyous experiences that I have ever had. The new moms, their hope, their willingness to talk about God and about raising their children in the admonition of the Lord is so sweet and special. Thanks to one of our dear sponsoring churches, we are able to include a book about "Steps to Godly Parenting" which is a great way to introduce the subject matter of a wholesome and Christian home environment. Last week, as I visited in the home of a new mom and her infant, the father of the baby slipped the book out and began perusing through it. As I saw his interest peaked, I thanked God that seeds are being planted and that His Word never returns void. Pray for these families, that they will seek daily to live a life that demonstrates godly character to their children! Yesterday, a precious friend and fellow missionary, Marilyn Oliver, assisted me as we visited two Hispanic families that have moved into the neighborhood near the center. Marilyn and her husband Jim served as IMB missionaries for many years, 29 years in Colombia, so her "Espanol" is fluent. She was so helpful as we talked of the needs of these families, told them about the center, and prayed with them for strength, guidance, and grace from the only Source, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Marilyn, and thank you, Jesus, for such a powerful experience. I pray for all of the internationals in our city who may not have the language skills to learn of the resources that are available to them.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Here's What's Happening in February!

God continues to work in ways beyond our expectations and comprehension. Just when we are tempted to fret over low food supplies, He provides through churches and this month, a local day care center! Thank you, Jehovah Jirah, for your provision! And thank you to Mt. Zion Baptist, Lakeview Baptist, and Heritage CDC for the bountiful donations. This month, we have had at least three extraordinary experiences: more salvations, new sisters and brothers in Christ; four more young families visited who have newborns – the layette ministry is bearing fruit in that homes are being opened for us to visit, talk with the new moms, pray with them, and present them with layettes. We are taking pictures of the new babies, too, and sending them to the moms. In many cases, this is the only photo of their little one that they have. This month, two of the new moms to whom we have ministered in recent months came to the center to say hello and to let us see their babies. They are growing and so beautiful, and both of these moms have such hope for the future for their children. And finally, the North American Mission Board formally commissioned my husband and me on February 22 as Mission Service Corps Missionaries, serving right here at Forest Park and humbled to be able to serve the Lord by pointing people in need to eternal hope in Christ. Our trip to Savannah for the commissioning was so meaningful; we were able to visit two powerful ministries, The Living Vine, and Savannah Baptist Ministry Center. Both are being used in a mighty way to reach hurting and lost people for the Kingdom. Here are some updated statistics for February: · 100 guests in center, representing 200 family members (526 family members so far this year) · 2 guests prayed to receive Christ in February (7 salvations YTD) · 9 assisted financially with utilities and emergency assistance in Feb. · 2,139 pounds of food distributed in February (over 5200# YTD) · All classes in grades K – 3 now have volunteer readers at one Title I school, and more classes at another school now have readers!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brand New Praise in 2009!

As of January 2009, Forest Park Ministry Center now has volunteers reading to all Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade classes at Dozier Elementary, one of the Title I schools in our city, and we are also reading and tutoring at ED Nixon Elementary, Temple Mount Christian Center, and have volunteers who, through their churches, tutor at Vaughn Road Elementary and Southlawn Elementary. God is moving among His people to get involved in the community, and to show the children of our city a "future and a hope".

Thursday, January 29, 2009


138 families served, for a total of 326 family members 5 people prayed to receive Christ and have been referred to a church for discipleship 3, 084 pounds of food were distributed to people in need. 9 households were assisted with their heating bills 1 family and 1 single person were assisted with emergency food, coats, clothing, and household goods after losing all they had in house fires 2 new moms were visited in their homes and given layettes with infant necessities Thank your for your prayer and support for the ministry at Forest Park!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pressing On In 2009

January ushered in a brand new year, and we are all the more blessed to serve and compelled to reach Montgomerians in need with the love of Christ. I want to give a huge shout out to some incredible volunteers who give of their time and talents each week to make the Forest Park Ministry Center run so effectively. During the months of December and January, my father has been gravely ill (praise God, he is on the road to recovery!) and in the midst of several crises when I had to be with him and my family, the faithful volunteers carried on, ministering to those guests who were in need and came to FPMC for assistance. I cannot thank them enough for their faithfulness. I am posting a picture of some of the volunteers that were able to gather for a Christmas celebration so that you can put a face with your prayers for the center and all who work and visit there. During the last half of 2008, we saw record numbers of guests visiting Forest Park. Here is a recap of August through December of 2008: Since Forest Park Ministry Center reopened its doors for service on August 1, 2008: Ø over 800 households have been served, for a total of 1,931 people. Ø 15,473 pounds of food have been distributed. Ø there have been 16 professions of faith, one rededication, and 63 followups by pastors or the center director. Ø 8 home visits to mothers of newborns to deliver layettes and pray with these moms. Ø 38 families were assisted with utility bill payments. Ø 30 families were registered with Christmas Clearinghouse to receive Christmas gifts for their children. Ø and sponsoring churches enabled the center to distribute 65 full Thanksgiving baskets to families in need, along with assisting at least 3 families with emergency needs arising from medical emergencies. Thank you for helping to reach those in need in Montgomery by supporting Forest Park Ministry Center. In this way, you are the hands of Jesus to a lost and needy world! Isn't God incredible? Even in a time of economic crisis, He enables His people to reach out to those in need with generous hearts. Thank you to all who love and support His work through Forest Park Ministry Center. During the month of January, some groups have visited the center to offer their special assistance. Children and their leaders from Southlawn Baptist Church came to see what we do at the center and to lend their assistance in the food pantry. Youth from Prattville First Baptist came and worked to clean up the yard and prepare our sign in front for new lettering. On Sunday, January 18, leaders from WMU and Women's Ministries of our sponsoring churches met at the center, and several commitments for Layette Baby Showers and CWJC Mentors were made. Thank you to all for your service and for your support. We are looking forward to an even more powerful impact for Christ's Kingdom in 2009.

Ways You Can Partner with Forest Park Ministry Center

* Have a food drive in your church
(get list from Donna)There is a dire shortage!
* Hold a Baby Shower for new moms who come to

the center; we need supplies for 12 layettes by October!
* Be a prayer partner and pray for our guests needs
* Need larger sized mens and womens clothing

must be in very good condition
*Hold a Paper supplies shower for the center

*Need a data entry volunteer once a week
*Need a small desk for the receptionist in the waiting area